How To Make Soft Bread? My Way…

How to make soft and airy bread? The secret reveals now! It’s all about the ingredients! Technique for making the bread is important; however ingredients always come first. How long does you need for kneading the bread? It takes 15 minutes, 20 or even longer. The simplest way is to rely on machine. The bread making machine is able to perform this for you. For sure fermentation time will affect the overall result, for example shorter fermentation time for sure will not deliver soft and tender breads. Thus the yeast type and quantity is also crucial for affecting the tenderness of the bread.

Soft bread recipe was found everywhere. However how many of them willing to share with you the actual secret for making soft and airy breads? Not many, don’t you think so? For me the key for making perfect soft and savory bread is all about ingredients. Here I’m going to share with you on this.

Rice Flour

Insert some rice flour to the ingredients and it makes lots of different. The rice flour is a great agent to make your bread softer. Rice flour is a healthy ingredient that recommended by medical. In fact it is healthier than any type of flour, includes high protein flour, low protein flour etc. You can make the bread by using entirely rice flour or make the rice flour as part of the ingredients, is your choice.

Milk is an important wet agent that making your bread softer. It performs better than water. Replace the milk with water for the ingredients will make huge different to the end result. You can compare by making a milk loaf and normal loaf (water) and you can see the difference. As far as concern the milk loaf is much softer and tender compares to the normal loaf.

Honey is a healthy ingredient that beneficial for health. In lieu with this you should include this material when making bread. Other than health impact, honey is good for making softer bread. No matter what kind of bread you want to make, loaf or bun, even for some soft bread crumbs, honey do helps.

Water Roux
The last method is to use water roux. What is water roux? Water roux is basically the soft dough formed by water and flour. This small dough is playing major role for making your bread softer and last longer. In future, I will show you how to make water-roux bread, remember to catch it up!

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